Age: 16
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Chestnut
Occupation: Team Plasma grunt
Hometown: Nimbasa City
Pokémon: Galvantula
First Appearance: Encounter

When Lynn learned that a hybrid had been captured north of Mistralton, she rushed there to see if she could claim her own piece of fame. Upon entering the forest, she crossed paths with Colby, a young Pokémon trainer. She jumped to interrogate him about if he's seen any hybrids. The boy acted as if he had no idea what she was talking about, and she explained the situation to him before bidding him farewell and continuing on her way. After she had trekked a good way into the forest, she stumbled upon a crazy scene—a hybrid transforming from Arceus to human. She successfully captured her as well as an accompanying hybrid, and just as she was about to call for reinforcements, Colby returned with the intention of rescuing the hybrids. She effortlessly took down his Sandile, but before she had a chance to call for back-up, Colby smashed her C-Gear with a rock. Lynn's only choice was to slay the hybrids then and there. Aurelia, the Arceus hybrid, submitted to her fate without a fight. Lynn commanded her Galvantula to execute her with Slash, but before she could strike the hybrid dealt her a powerful kick in the face. As her C-Gear had been destroyed and her Pokémon had been given grievous injuries, Lynn fled the scene.
Lynn is stuck-up and inconsiderate. She hungers for fame and recognition, and will do whatever it takes to get these things. She tends to talk in a sing-song tone, even when she's in the middle of a bad situation; she only speaks in a normal voice when something has gone seriously wrong. She likes to play around and rarely takes anything seriously. Lynn has a habit of assigning everyone pet names; she likes to call Colby "kiddo" and Sandile "critter". Unlike Dragon, she feels no remorse for the hybrids; in fact, one can even infer that she enjoys hunting them down and making their lives miserable. She likes to talk down to the hybrids and taunt and frustrate them. She has a sadistic side to her normally whimsical personality, and won't hesitate to kill if she has to. She justifies this by claiming that she's only following orders. She's a sucker for cute things, although her mercilessness overpowers this attraction. Lynn considers herself to be quite clever, but she sometimes doesn't think things through; a trait she shares with Colby. She was easily tricked by Aurelia into cutting down one of her Electroweb fences and putting Galvantula into a position where it could be attacked.
Despite how spiteful she acts towards others, she loves her Galvantula to death and likes to spoil her. Lynn considers her to be adorable, even though others find her appearance to be intimidating. Galvantula has grown to share her snooty attitude, and is also slightly lazy. Lynn takes advantage of Galvantula's Electroweb move to easily capture hybrids and people she wants to interrogate by fencing them in between adjacent trees. Galvantula has also been shown to know Slash and Bug Bite. In Plans, Aurelia crushed one side of Galvantula's face to avoid being killed by her. It's unknown just how serious this injury is, as Lynn left directly after Galvantula was hit.


Gender: Female
Moves: Electroweb, Slash, Bug Bite
First Appearance: Encounter

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