How long will this story be?
I estimate there will be between 75 and 100 chapters, but I may be way off. There will be five parts, but the lengths will vary.

Why are the chapters so short?
The chapters only serve to differentiate change in perspective. So when I'm tired of following Destiny or feel that her role in this part has been fulfilled, I'll start a new chapter and have it follow another character.

Is ______ going to die?
I won't answer questions like this to the public. I can confirm that at least one of the main characters will die, however.

Why don't Aurelia and Colby recognize what Pokémon Destiny is?
In this story, Team Plasma has only just revived and modified Genesect, and its existence is kept secret among the highest ranking Plasma officials.

How were the hybrids created if the DNA of Legendary Pokémon such as Zekrom and Arceus is unobtainable? You also said that Genesect was only recently revived; how would a Genesect hybrid be able to exist?
This will be explained later in the story; I promise!

Where did you get your characters from?
Destiny was my main character in the role play. Dragon was another role play character of mine, although his role was significantly different. Aurelia was Raiпpool's character and Ben was Glimmerfrost3's character, and I inserted them in the story with their permission. I have modified their personalities, however. Colby and Lynn were created exclusively for this story.

Can my character be in this story?
No, sorry. I have just the right amount of characters I need. There's already been some drama over not including certain role players' characters, so I will definitely not be taking any requests.

Why is the story called "Plasma's Folly"?
I've come to realize that since the role play and fanfiction are so vastly different, the title doesn't really make sense in context with the story anymore. You see, in the original role play, Team Plasma found the hybrids alongside the traitor scientist, but averted their attention from the hybrids and focused on apprehending the scientist. Meanwhile the hybrids were left unattended, which gave them a window of opportunity to escape. The hybrids had already vanished by the time Team Plasma returned to capture them, which led up to all the events that followed in the role play. So that was "Plasma's folly", so to speak. But as you can see, I'm doing things a bit different here. However, I have something in mind that will make the title fit again... but you might not find out about it for a while.

Who is your favorite character?
I honestly can't answer this... I haven't progressed far enough in the story to create a strong emotional attachment to any of the characters. Destiny is sort of special to me, since after all she was my main character in the role play. I'm also fond of Colby for a reason you'll find out eventually... Aurelia's also sort of growing on me.

When will the next chapter be finished?
It depends; my updates are rather irregular. It could be a few days, a week, or even a month... it all depends on if I'm feeling motivated or not.

Why are the hybrids fully clothed when they turn back to normal?
I just don't want to deviate from the flow of the plot with the challenge of them finding new clothing. And more importantly, I think it's gross and it's something I really don't want to deal with.

Will there be romance?
Possibly. If so, it won't extend past crushes.

What gender is Dragon's Archeops? What about Lynn's Galvantula?
Archeops is a male and Galvantula is a female.

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