Fan Poll #1 Results

Question #1: Who is your favorite character so far?

Destiny - 3 votes (33%)
Dragon - 0 votes (0%)
Colby - 2 votes (2%)
Aurelia - 3 votes (33%)
Ben - 1 vote (11%)

Dragon: -cries in corner-
Ben: Maybe you'd be more popular if you did something about your name...

Question #2: Who is your least favorite character so far?

Destiny - 3 votes (33%)
Dragon - 3 votes (33%)
Colby - 2 votes (22%)
Aurelia - 1 vote (11%)
Ben - 0 votes (0%)

Ben: ;D
Dragon: Oh, shut up, will ya? You only got one vote on the favorite character question.
Panther: If you combine the results of both polls, it turns out that Aurelia is the most popular character so far. The least popular character is Dragon.
Destiny: See, Aurelia? I told you good things do happen.
Aurelia: ...

Question #3: What is your favorite chapter so far?

The First Morning - 0 votes (0%)
Assembly - 2 votes (22%)
Metamorphosis - 0 votes (0%)
Another Journey Begins - 0 votes (0%)
Tribulations - 2 votes (22%)
An Enigmatic Creature - 1 vote (11%)
Analysis - 1 vote (11%)
Beyond the Legend - 1 vote (11%)
Alpha and Omega - 1 vote (11%)
Hypotheses - 0 votes (0%)
Paralysis - 0 votes (0%)
Human - 0 votes (0%)
Reversal - 1 vote (11%)

Panther: It's interesting to note that Dragon's debut chapter was one of the two most popular chapters.
Ben: That's probably only because people were relieved to find out what the heck was going on with Destiny in the first chapter.

Question #4: What is your least favorite chapter so far?

The First Morning - 2 votes (22%)
Assembly - 1 vote (11%)
Metamorphosis - 1 vote (11%)
Another Journey Begins - 0 votes (0%)
Tribulations - 0 votes (0%)
An Enigmatic Creature - 1 vote (11%)
Analysis - 0 votes (0%)
Beyond the Legend - 0 votes (0%)
Alpha and Omega - 0 votes (0%)
Hypotheses - 0 votes (0%)
Paralysis - 3 votes (33%)
Human - 0 votes (0%)
Reversal - 1 vote (11%)

Panther: Combining the results from the last two questions, the overall most popular chapter is Tribulations, which is the most popular character's debut chapter. The overall least favorite chapter is Paralysis.
Ben: It's all Dragon's fault that my chapter was the worst!

Question #5: If you were a hybrid, which of these Pokemon would you prefer to be fused with?

Genesect - 1 vote (11%)
Arceus - 4 votes (44%)
Zekrom - 4 votes (44%)

Destiny: No surprise there. Being that bug thing is terrible!

Question #6: Are you excited about how N will have a significant role in the following chapters?

Woo, go N! - 4 votes (44%)
Sure. - 5 votes (56%)
Ehh... - 0 votes (0%)
Nah. - 0 votes (0%)
No way! N sucks! - 0 votes (0%)

Panther: N should feel very welcome here!

Question #7: Although my story is not supposed to be a strictly "Hybrids vs. Evil Organization" type of story, which side would you root for?

Hybrids - 8 votes (89%)
Team Plasma - 1 vote (11%)
Trainers - 0 votes (0%)

Colby: I wish I could be on the hybrids side. 8C
Dragon: -sobs-
Ben: Cheer up, pal. Plasma will probably become more popular when N joins the party.

Question #8: Which character would you like to see die first?

Destiny - 1 vote (11%)
Dragon - 1 vote (11%)
Colby - 2 votes (22%)
Aurelia - 2 votes (22%)
Ben - 3 votes (33%)

Panther: No one likes Dragon, and yet pretty much no one would like to see him die. Perhaps it's because he's the only character acquainted with Team Plasma?
Ben: Aww, what the heck, guys? What did I ever do to you?
Dragon: Take that, hybrid scum!

Stay tuned for the next fan poll, which will be released once Modified is nearing completion. The next poll will also include the final four chapters of Hybrid.

The Cast of Plasma's Folly Discusses Hybrid

Destiny: Hello, forum-goers! A friend of Panther’s requested for her to write more OOC things, so now she’s working on writing this rather than the rewrite of chapters one and three. That particular friend also started whining when Panther announced she’d be working on said rewrites instead of the next chapter, so I hope she realizes that this will push back the next chapter even further.
Colby: Uh, what is this? Are we supposed to talk about something?
Destiny: Apparently we’re supposed to discuss the events that occurred during Hybrid.
Aurelia: Oh, joy. I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those “spoofs” you always see crowding up the Warriors Fan Fiction forum. You know, the ones where the characters scream and spout out nonsense about pastries. They try so hard to be funny… but they’re not.
Destiny: I assure you that there will be no cookies or pie here.
Ben: Drat, I guess I came here for nothing, then.
Destiny: Let’s try to stay on topic. So… how is everyone feeling about Plasma’s Folly so far?
Aurelia: I’m convinced that the author has some sort of intense hatred for my character. I mean, she could’ve at least had me turn back to normal by the end of Hybrid. It’s a tiny bit awkward trying to have a conversation with people when you’re ten feet tall.
Ben: Ten feet and six inches, to be precise.
Aurelia: Shut up, you stupid nerd.
Ben: That’s an oxymoron.
Destiny: Guys, if we don’t stay on topic, this will turn into an unfunny spoof. Anyway… Aurelia, you have to consider that you transformed after I did, so it’ll take you longer to turn back.
Aurelia: Are you sure about that? Don’t you remember what happened in the role play? Panther kept you in your Genesect form for nearly the entire thing.
Destiny: Don’t remind me…
Colby: Stop complaining! I still don’t understand why you think turning into a Pokémon is a bad thing.
Aurelia: Trust me, kid. You don’t want to be a hybrid.
Colby: Why wouldn’t I? Can one of you please explain what’s so bad about it?
Aurelia: Hmm, let me see. The transformation sequence feels weird, you can’t go out in public, n00bs like you try to catch us, some of us can’t communicate properly, an evil organization is after us, we’ve had all our on-hand possessions taken from us… you should’ve asked if there’s anything good about being a hybrid.
Ben: I for one don’t mind being a hybrid. It’s fascinating to experience what it’s like to be a Pokémon. The only thing I’m not cool with is the whole “being hunted down by a band of nutcases” part. On that note, has anyone seen Dragon?
Aurelia: I bet fans were thinking the same thing when they were reading the first chapter of Modified. You’d think he’d have more to say about the fact that, uh, he and his leader have been betrayed.
Ben: The readers were probably glad. Dragon can make any chapter boring. Has anyone else noticed that Panther always tends to struggle with the chapters that follow him? Especially Altered Destination… that one took her months to finish!
Destiny: We’re not supposed to be talking about Modified; we’ll save that for next time.
Aurelia: I don’t see why Panther has to make us stick to talking about part one when she tosses spoilers around all the time. I heard that she told someone on the forums how one of us is going to die, and she’s told one of her friends pretty much everything that happens in the story. She really needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.
Colby: Wait… people are going to die?
Ben: According to the FAQ, at least one main character will die.
Aurelia: You’re saying that people actually read the FAQ?
Ben: Well, if they don’t, they should.
Aurelia: I bet you also advise people to read the terms and conditions before signing up for a website.
Ben: Are you kidding? No one does that.
Destiny: Stop it, you two. So, what was everyone’s favorite chapter? Mine was Reversal, for obvious reasons.
Colby: Another Journey Begins!
Ben: Analysis. Hmm, isn’t it interesting how both of the titles of my chapters end in “–alysis”?
Aurelia: I don’t particularly like any chapter. Panther really needs to write more chapters about me, though. I’ve only had two, and Destiny and Dragon have had four.
Ben: Same here. I’ve heard that chapter eighteen is going to follow you, however. Panther doesn’t seem to currently have any plans for me. Now I’m starting to get worried… I’m not going to be the one who dies, am I?
Aurelia: Perhaps it’s just because Panther can’t think of any other fitting words that end in “–alysis”.
Ben: I hope she doesn’t have to resort to naming a chapter Urinalysis.
Destiny: I’m sure she has more plans for you. Can anyone think of any themes present in Plasma’s Folly?
Aurelia: What is this, English class?
Ben: I believe the moral of the story is to remember to lock the door before you head out. Think of all the things that could’ve been avoided if people hadn’t been so forgetful!
Destiny: Wow, I never noticed that. The door to the room the hybrids were assembled in was wide open, and the door to GMP156’s room was unlocked. Can you think of how the story would’ve turned out if these doors had been locked?
Aurelia: Eh, we hybrids would’ve been able to escape without the use of a door. Puny walls are no match for the God of Pokémon!
Ben: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. We still don’t know just how strong hybrids are.
Aurelia: Well, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be taken down in two hits by an Archeops!
Ben: Don’t underestimate the strength of Archeops. It has the twelfth highest base attack stat of all Pokémon!
Aurelia: One of the moves it hit you with was a special attack move.
Ben: Hey, it was super effective! Not to mention that Zekrom specializes in defense, not special defense. And Archeops certainly isn’t frail when it comes to its special attack stat, either.
Aurelia: Zekrom’s special defense is only twenty points lower than its defense.
Ben: It still makes a difference.
Colby: Do I have to memorize all this stuff? Geez, being a Pokémon trainer suddenly got a lot more complicated…
Destiny: And that’s exactly why I didn’t become a trainer.
Ben: Oh, please. I’m not even a trainer and I have all this stuff down.
Destiny: Well, it looks like we’re running short on time. Panther wants to get back to work on the rewrite of chapter one, so we’ll leave her at that. See ya next time!
Dragon: Hey! Did I miss anything?
Ben: Dude, the show’s over.
Dragon: What? No, that can’t be right!
Destiny: Sorry, buddy. Well, there’s always next time…
Dragon: Ugh, this is awful. I missed out on this discussion, no one likes me…
Aurelia: You clearly don’t understand the meaning of “awful”. Have you heard what happened to my family?
Ben: We’ve all heard it at least five times.
Destiny: Not this again… guys, we seriously need to wrap this up.
Ben: Yeah, really. I want to get out of here so I can go get some cookies.
Destiny: Okay, this is the last time. Goodbye, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying Plasma’s Folly!
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