GMP156 (Genesect)

Age: 43
Body Color: Purple
Eye Color: Bright red
Occupation: Former Team Plasma secretary; now trapped in the body of a Pokémon
Hometown: Opelucid City
Currently unknown
First Appearance: Secrets and Sorrows

It didn't take long for Ben and Dragon to realize that GMP156's (which stands for Genetically Modified Pokémon, the number referencing its position in the Unova Pokédex—it was later given the name "Genesect" by a concerned N) "background" was dubious. Dudley, the scientist leading the project, originally passed GMP156 off as a fully artificial creature—the first step in the creation of a whole new breed of Pokémon. Ben quickly disproved this statement, which resulted in Dudley making up a new story about the creature's origins—once revered as a fierce predator from prehistoric times, GMP156 was resurrected and transformed into a powerful tool for N to use to reach his goals. It was technologically enhanced and given a tough metal exoskeleton and a mighty cannon known as the "Photon Blaster". Ghetsis revealed that the drive powering its cannon is essentially a second brain that powers some of its life functions, and it also supplies Genesect with energy in place of food (which its defunct digestive system wouldn't be able to process, if it somehow managed to get anything past its sealed mouth). If this drive is removed, GMP156 instantly enters a deathlike state, but can be "rebooted" without any harm if it is reinserted. This explanation seemed reasonable enough to the fiercely curious Ben, and he accepted it as fact. However, Dragon noticed that there was something oddly human about the monster... and as it turns out, Genesect was human.
In "Retribution", Kelvin revealed that GMP156 used to be his girlfriend, a forty-three-year-old human woman.
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