Drake (Dragon)

Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Team Plasma grunt
Hometown: Driftveil City
Pokémon: Archeops
First Appearance: Assembly

Dragon joined Team Plasma because he wanted to make a difference in the world. He thought their goals were unrealistic from the beginning, but he liked the idea of trying to create peace between humans and Pokémon. Everything changed on the day Ghetsis announced that Team Plasma would be calling off its projects so they could work on hunting down "Pokémon hybrids", which were supposedly created to destroy the organization. Dragon became the first grunt to capture a hybrid—Ben, a boy who could turn into Zekrom. He was requested to deliver him to the P2 Laboratory, where the Seven Sages were holding a meeting. When he arrived, he mistakenly found himself in a room containing GMP156, a Pokémon that was originally passed off as a fully artificial creature. Ben revealed that GMP156 was in fact alive, forcing the lead scientist to tell the truth about the Pokémon. Dragon realized that he had been lied to by a higher-up, and later learned that GMP156 had been kept hidden from Team Plasma's king. Since then, Dragon has been questioning his allegiance to the organization.
Dragon is a calm and analytical young man. He's a sympathetic person, but he doesn't like to let others know this about him. He's also sensitive and easily offended. He's self-conscious about how he acts and forces himself to pretend to be tough. Dragon often does this to ridiculous extents—his self-appointed nickname was an attempt to make himself appear strong (and unfortunately for him, it's had the opposite effect on most people). He also appears to think that toughness goes hand in hand with rudeness, as he's been treating Ben very poorly. In truth, he feels bad about the way he's been acting towards Ben and is traumatized by how he feels responsible for the hybrid's fate. Dragon handles most things very seriously and hates when others joke around. He's slightly cautious, but he isn't afraid to take risks if he's feeling optimistic. Dragon is loyal to the organization he serves, but not so much that he's blind to its faults.
Dragon isn't as knowledgeable about Pokémon as Ben is, as shown when he initially falls for Dudley's story about GMP156 being manmade. He's still a skilled Pokémon trainer, and shares a close bond with his Archeops. Archeops is incredibly powerful, as he was able to take down a transformed Ben in three hits. His moveset is known to include DragonBreath, Rock Slide, and Fly. He is a clever and obedient Pokémon, and he seems to enjoy battling. Whenever Archeops does something good, Dragon rewards him with kind words or a pat on the head. Dragon tries his best to avoid getting angry at his Pokémon, and when he slips up and yells at him he makes sure to apologize right away. Dragon loves having his Archeops by his side, which is interesting considering that he works on a team set on liberating Pokémon from humans. He attempts to justify this by believing that it's necessary for Team Plasma to use Pokémon to accomplish their goal. When and if the time comes, will he really be willing to set his beloved companion free?

Gender: Male
Moves: DragonBreath, Rock Slide, Fly
First Appearance: Beyond the Legend

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