Age: 10
Hair Color: Dirty blond
Eye Color: Honey brown
Occupation: Pokémon trainer
Hometown: Mistralton City
Pokémon: Sandile
First Appearance: Metamorphosis

Colby had been looking forward to becoming a Pokémon trainer for as long as he could remember. He fantasized about conquering the eight gyms of the Unova region and claiming the title of Champion, unaware of how arduous and challenging his journey might be. He received his first Pokémon, a Sandile, for his tenth birthday and set off on his quest the same day. While hunting for wild Pokémon to battle in a forest north of his hometown, he stumbled upon a mysterious creature he was sure no one had ever seen before. He sought to capture this odd Pokémon, but before he had the chance to try he met up with Aurelia, a rude girl who was apparently lost. She intended to simply ask where she was and be on her way, but little did she know Colby had a request of his own for her to fulfill. The young trainer remembered that he hadn't purchased any Poké Balls prior to encountering the creature, and he wanted to take a quick trip to the Poké Mart so he could buy some. He asked Aurelia if she could keep an eye on the Pokémon while he was gone, and she reluctantly agreed. Colby returned from the Poké Mart to find that the creature looked as if it wanted to attack the girl. Aurelia explained that it hadn't hurt her and was a very slow-moving and unintelligent creature. That didn't stop Colby from wanting to catch it—he was still positive it was extremely rare, and he'd love to own something valuable like that. When he tossed a Poké Ball at it, it simply bounced off of it. Although the circumstances were odd, he came to the conclusion that it was simply owned by another trainer. After that, Aurelia was suddenly stricken with a weird sensation in her stomach, and Colby could only watch as she transformed into Arceus. He originally believed that he was being visited by the real deity, but eventually discovered that the girl had transformed into it for no apparent reason. Aurelia challenged him to catch her, only for the same thing that occurred when he had tried to capture the purple creature to happen. He then began to theorize that the unidentifiable Pokémon was in a similar state to Aurelia. This was confirmed when the creature scratched the word "human" into the dirt, and shortly after it transformed into its original appearance. He found out that her name was Destiny, and he then offered to help her and Aurelia by providing them with food and shelter. He then took off for Mistralton, but ran into a suspicious character on the way. Although he originally believed she was a trainer looking to battle, it turned out that she was a member of the organization "Team Plasma". Using her Galvantula's Electroweb attack, she trapped Colby in a makeshift electric fence and began to ask him some questions. She mentioned creatures that matched the descriptions of his newly found friendly perfectly, and explained that Team Plasma was hunting them down. When she asked if he had seen any of this, he lied and decided to ask her more about these "hybrids" so he could provide Aurelia and Destiny with the answers they were seeking. Lynn, the Team Plasma grunt, released him and, to his horror, headed off in the direction of his hybrid companions. Even though he knew it was futile, Colby tried to save them. He found that Lynn had also trapped Aurelia and Destiny in her web trap, and he made Sandile attack her Galvantula and demanded that she let them go. Lynn merely laughed and took down his Pokémon in a single hit. She proceeded to criticize his lack of planning, which inspired him to sneak up behind her and smash her C-Gear with a rock so she couldn't call in reinforcements. Outraged, Lynn explained that now she had no choice but to kill Destiny and Aurelia then and there. A plan devised by Aurelia managed to save them, much to Colby's relief. The hybrids, who were now safe, began to discuss what they should do in the future. Aurelia decided that they should search the building where the hybrids had found themselves that morning for her bag, so they could use her Pokémon to help them in any bad situations like their encounter with Lynn. Colby was disappointed by the hybrids' insistence on using him as tool to provide them with food and support, and how they ignored that he had his own ambitions to follow as well.
Colby is a plucky individual who likes to help others. He wants to be seen as a hero—he also dreams of becoming a superhero-like figure, which he thinks would've been possible if he had been turned into a hybrid. He doesn't understand why Destiny and Aurelia are upset with how they change into Pokémon, but he also doesn't realize just how debilitating being a hybrid is. Colby tends to not think things through all the way, and he often jumps to conclusions. As he is fairly young, he's quite naive and underestimates the severity of the problems he faces. When something takes a turn for the worst, he's quick to panic, but he still tries to help if he can. He's very inexperienced when it comes to Pokémon training, although he knows a lot about the Pokémon that inhabit the Unova region. He's also slightly forgetful and impatient. Colby usually carries an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude, and he likes to try new things. He is extroverted and isn't afraid to talk to new people, which has happened to get him into trouble on several occasions. He is prone to idolizing people who he thinks are superior to him. He likes getting attention, but he always puts others before himself.
Colby was raised in Mistralton City and lived with his parents and older brother, Brian. Brian went on to become a Pokémon breeder in Striaton City. Colby's Sandile was given to him by Brian, and she was specially bred to know the moves Fire Fang and Thunder Fang. Colby was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to receive his starter Pokémon from the famed Professor Juniper, but he's happy with his first Pokémon. Sandile is a bit shy, but she's very obedient. Her true strengths in battle have not been shown yet, as Colby has been too busy trying to help his hybrid friends to actually start his Pokémon journey.

Gender: Female
Moves: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Leer, Rage
First Appearance: Another Journey Begins

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