Age: 15
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Icirrus City
Pokémon Form: Zekrom
First Appearance: Analysis

Unlike Destiny and Aurelia, Ben was initially pleased to find that he had become a hybrid. He didn't put too much thought into figuring out why he turned into Zekrom—rather, he was more interested in finding out what he could accomplish in his new form. His carelessness caused him to become an easy target for Dragon, a Team Plasma grunt set on hunting down hybrids. Dragon managed to effortlessly capture Ben and haul him to the P2 Laboratory, where they incidentally encountered the enigmatic GMP156. Ben expressed his outrage at GMP156's treatment, only for Dudley to explain that GMP156 is fully artificial. Ben immediately disproved this statement when he pointed out that he could hear GMP156's heartbeat and it was simply unconscious. Dudley admitted to lying, but ignored Ben's demands to tell the truth about the creature. Both Dragon and Dudley also ignored Ben's questions about why he was captured and what they planned on doing with him, which angered Ben and made him feel as if they were treating him like an animal. Dudley forced himself to reveal GMP156's true story when Ghetsis entered the room and played along with the original explanation. Ben was relieved to have finally heard the truth, but was sickened to find out that Team Plasma planned on killing him. He then realized that he was going to start transforming again, causing him to grow weak and dizzy. He managed to explain what GMP156 was to N, who was just as confused as he had been, before collapsing and morphing into his Zekrom form again. Feeling rejuvenated, he tried to think of a way to inconspicuously escape the building to avoid his death—only for Dragon to tell him that he was unintentionally transferring his thoughts telepathically. With no better plan, Ben busted out of the P2 Laboratory by kicking through the wall, and Dragon chased after him.
Ben's mother and father were both Pokémon doctors, and he has inherited their love for Pokémon. He did not become a trainer, but intends to follow in his parents' footsteps and become a Pokémon doctor as well. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to Pokémon and is shown to know more than some experienced trainers. This, paired with his scrawny figure, pale skin, and unkempt hair, often leads others to think of him as a geek, which isn't far from the truth. Despite this, he's an extrovert and won't hesitate to voice his opinion. He's a bit hotheaded at times, especially when he's concerned about a Pokémon's safety. Ben usually acts very stubborn and bold, and he's also very quick-witted and clever. Ben is very inquisitive and loves to learn new things. He's a bit of a smart-aleck and often speaks sarcastically. He never dwells on the past or worries about the future, and only focuses on what's currently unfolding around him. Ben often handles situations involving him with a nonchalant attitude, and likes to joke around. However, once it sinks in that something bad is going to happen to him, he responds with shock and horror. He has a tendency to be a bit careless.
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