Age: 13
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Jade green
Occupation: Pokémon trainer
Hometown: Opelucid City
Pokémon Form: Arceus
First Appearance: Tribulations

Fate has never been kind to Aurelia. When she was young, her father left her family. Several years later, her younger brother was lost to a deadly disease. Not too long ago, her mother disappeared without a trace. Her most recent misfortune involved waking up in a mysterious building and finding that she had been turned into a Pokémon hybrid. She was cursed to transform into Arceus, the deity that supposedly birthed the universe. Being stuck as a hybrid prevents her from following the one dream she still clings to—becoming Champion of the Unova League.
A seasoned Pokémon trainer, Aurelia has a lot of street smarts to rely on. She isn't the most intellectual person in the world, but she's clever and resourceful. She has a tendency to leave her troubles in the past and move on, even though she knows she'll run into another string of problems. She carries a very pessimistic attitude and often fails to see the positive aspects of seemingly bad situations. She's often seen as self-centered, since she likes to focus on her difficulties alone.
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